Evian Glass Bottled Natural Mineral Water 330ml x 20 pcs

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  • Evian is a uniquely sourced natural mineral water from the French Alps
  • Nothing added for taste or extra enhancement
  • Bottled at the source and not chemically treated at any point
  • Package Quantity: 20 bottles x 330 ml
  • Still Water
  • A perfect accompaniment for meals
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  • ENERGIZING AND REFRESHING FEEL: evian natural mineral water energizes you to reach your natural peak. It improves your well being with a unique blend of naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes that revitalise body, mind and spirit to optimal levels.
  • CRAFTED BY NATURE: evian naturally filters through layers of protected underground rock in the French Alps for over 15 years. When it emerges at the evian source it contains already a natural mineral composition, which gives evian its unique, crisp taste.
  • SUSTAINABLE: A carbon neutral business; We owe everything to nature & commit to preserving the health of planet & people. evian pledges to reduce plastic waste & become a fully circular company by making all plastic bottles from 100% recycled PET by 2025.
  • DRINK TRUE: evian water is produced with integrity. Unchanged for 50,000 years, born of a millennia-old natural process, untouched by man and nothing added but rain, time and the French Alps. Bottled at the source and not chemically treated at any point.