What Makes Your Office Pantry Area A Healthy Space

In a world where the structure and method of work are changing and collaboration is more sought after to fuel novelty and creativity in the market, companies have formalized the necessity of common ground at every place of work.

As a result, the organizations are now more inclined to utilize more funds on renovation projects as well as for creating better workspace layouts with more focus being put on the facility's big and great user-care areas. This is one of the zones of intersection between different areas of an organization including the design and the lifestyle of the office is none other than the office breakroom or the pantry.

A well-design office pantry with the necessary pantry supplies brings invaluable benefits to both the employees and organizations, and here’s why: A well-design office pantry brings invaluable benefits to both employees and organizations and here’s why:

The sky is not the limit for our teaching efforts as learning moves beyond the classroom and impacts the relationships among people.

The friendly banter during coffee at the pantry or hanging out together at the office canteen is one clear indicator that people are building friendships and making meaningful relationships with each other. Apart from being part of the team, workers will also be under pressure to meet other people who belong to different business units since they are the most likely departments that are going to meet face-to-face regularly.

A company can continuously do more than just provide a designated period for employees to interact. It can give room for social events or team-building activities within the office. And it is here that you will find a purpose for your office space design strategy. 

For instance, consider moving the pantry to a larger area that is joined by mobile partitions that divide meeting rooms during events or by a thin wall during parties.

Benefits of Having A Proper Pantry Space With Supplies

1. Allow employees to take small breaks

The bulk of work-active employees are estimated to divide about 8 to 10 hours a day in their workplaces. The long-term nature of such routine work does not, naturally, help the employee to achieve desirable results and on the contrary, is detrimental to their mental health. Social scientists suggest that we improvise ourselves in the ways of work according to the “52-17” regulation. 

However, the work surroundings of individual employees are not being developed in a structured manner, the companies can at least still request them to have short breaks from time to time. This can be achieved e.g. by designing a great office pantry that offers rest for employees in a space that is warm and suitable where they relieve mental fatigue.

2. Ensure healthy eating habits at work

A pantry or even a small kitchenette in the office should be fitted with the basics which include a microwave or a toaster oven that assists the workers in warming their food or minimizing the loss of meals that they carry with them. 

If the budget is sufficient, companies should serve as an example and offer healthy snacks and beverages to the pantry as well, making healthy eating a priority. In so doing, the organization is not only promoting a healthier lifestyle for the employees but also helping them save time and money in various ways:

They have a space to keep their lunch items from home or at work while still having the ability to prepare a quick simple meal such as salads or sandwiches instead of the convenient fast food or unhealthy takeaway meals.

Another way is to buy home-cooked food or have meal leftovers for lunch. This may sound like a small cost at first but if you do it consistently over a long time it could accumulate to reduce your overall expenditure.

Making room for their staff to eat will let them prevent a mental load of long queues during rush hour or passengers pushing and shoving to get their meal faster.

3. Utilize the office space with ease

Other than the obvious use of the office pantry as an eating place or coffee corner, it can act as a multi-purpose space: 

  • A space for persons having mobile workstations or simply seeking to have a change from their office cubicles.
  • A place to meet especially when there's already a meeting and no available room.
  • A room that will serve the purpose of gathering people for official corporate announcements or quick updates on the progress of the latest team project.
  • An event facility with the ability to hold numerous social gatherings such as team-building events charity fundraising drives and celebratory parties.

4. Ideal way to transform the workplace

You will be amazed at all the options of healthy food if you try to encourage a variety of such alternatives in the pantry. By this, you will be able to appreciate the reach of current options. 

Nevertheless, organizations must act today, and speak tomorrow. It compels the management to acknowledge their valued workers and their health. However, in my own experience, this usually is the incipient phase that triggers the beginner to pick out what is healthy as well as provokes their involvement in a healthy diet.

These foods are not only beneficial for your health but also can be a factor in improving your mental sharpness and memory as well. Of course, it is vital to make workers full and get some sleep so that they are working properly. 

5. The types of supplies your office pantry should include

The productivity of an office is mainly dependent on those little details; after all. Certainly, pleasing words do contribute, but most often when the deadline is just around the corner, excited and curious all that you consume is coffee. 

We list a few pantry essentials you shouldn't forget when shopping for office supplies online: We list a few pantry essentials you shouldn't forget when shopping for office supplies online:

Coffee & Tea:

Caffeine which helps productivity takes several forms, but morning and after lunch are standouts. There are so many things caffeine does to memory, one of them being improving short-term memory. On top of this, it is a home for stress-reducing sleep-deprived people and immune system boosters. Thus, the vitality of such a machine is due to the good mood of the office.


The drawing up of a conclusion is the shortest and the most proven way to the loss of your appetite Enjoying fast-moving countless products varies from many places in the world. It may include energy drinks, bars, fruits, etcetera. However, it is not always just types of cakes and cookies which can be referred to as these snacks. Compact snack varieties including fruits in the juice form, dates, nuts, whole grain bread, and kale all make an ideal choice for those taking tea in the mornings or evenings.


All of the equipment that you find in a restaurant such as spoons, forks, cups, plates, napkins, containers, and so on… are all required. Please don't hesitate to contact us - it doesn't matter if you need disposable or high-quality stainless-steel cutlery, we have office or pantry supply of any variance in our online storage.


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