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If you are setting up your household and office, you will need extension cords and adaptors to make sure all your devices can be connected and charged in the UAE.

Extension cords, also known as Universal Power Extension Sockets in some countries; come in different configurations like 3 way, 4 way, 5 way, 6 way. This simply means the number of points in the extension cord where you can plug your chargers and cables. These Universal Extension sockets have an electrical cord which comes in different lengths ranging from 3 meter to 5 meters.

For a startup office you must look to purchase at least 5 to 6 units of the 5 way extension cord 5 meter and 3-4 adaptors. For households, depending on the size of the family and number of rooms, 5 units of 3 way or 4 way extension cords should be suitable. A simple way to plan is to estimate the number of devices and rooms that need to be connected to power.

If you feel you don’t need a power extension, then you can get an adaptor to just plug into the main socket provided by your building. These adaptors are suitable to accept 3 cables to charge 3 devices. It is very important to buy quality electrical products as there are many products in the market which are not of UAE electrical standards and present fire risks. Opt for a quality brand like “Terminator” which exceeds UAE standards, globally renowned for extension universal sockets and is very durable.

At Cognition UAE, you can purchase heavy duty extension cord and adaptors at wholesale prices even if you buy just 1 pc. Order today before 2pm and get delivery by tomorrow anywhere in the UAE! If you have a bulk requirement, contact us on [email protected]