Mineral Water Dubai, UAE


Water is known to have a lot of health benefits. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day is what is recommended by every doctor. Since we live in the UAE where the weather is hot and humid during most of the year, it is important to keep hydrated and to choose the right quality of water for consumption.

Few known reliable brands that supply clean and drinking water in Dubai are Mai Dubai, Al Ain, Oasis, Aquafina, Masafi and Nestle. Mai Dubai is a UAE made product and is top rated in Dubai. It comes in different packaging which allows it to be available for elegant and daily use. Al Ain provides Zero sodium water which lowers blood pressure, leading to better hydration, and it also prevents water retention. Whether it's for your little ones or a family gathering the packaging for these brands caters to all kinds of people. 

For the health conscious opt for Al Ain Zero or Mai Dubai Alkaline free, these products contain less sodium. For those looking for entertaining guests or drinking water in style, opt for Mai Dubai or Al Ain Glass Bottled Water which comes in 330 ml and 750 ml sizes. Many types of water are available at CognitionUAE ranging from regular water to sparkling water.

Buying water from the supermarket comes with issues, it’s heavy and back breaking to carry the water from car to door. Buy water online at Cognition UAE and we can deliver it anywhere in the UAE in just 1 day!