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Exercise Book & A4 Spiral University Notebook

The fundamental of every lesson is embedded in the notes that the students take during a class. It is important that children are provided with the right exercise books to put down their notes in a systematic order which aids in learning and building memory.

Exercise books come in different sizes, 100, 200 and some even at 500 pages. There are different kinds of exercise books too - Arabic style with right margin, English style with left margin, one side plain for diagrams. All designed to help students take notes in an organized manner. 

Young adults also take notes during university. The 4 or 5 subject notebook allows them to take notes of different subjects in one book. This also reduces the number of books that the college student has to take every day.

Shopping at Cognition UAE will help you provide the right books that your children need to carry on their everyday studies. Purchase your exercise book online and receive prices 30% cheaper than the market and next day delivery anywhere in the UAE

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