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Stamp, Stamp Pads & Inks

Stamp, Stamp Pads & Inks

Every company has a unique logo that symbolises and defines its existence. Just like a human’s sign, a company seals its acceptance via a stamp.

Some of the most regularly used stamps are: Paid Stamp, Received Stamp and Approved Stamp. This makes work easier and more organised. Stamps help businesses function faster and more efficiently as it helps arrange documents in a more systematic order. Using the right kind of stamp on the right document can indicate the status of the documents to all who view it. Stamps work best when the ink that is used with it is of good quality. 

Trodat stamps are known to be one of the best stamps available in the UAE due to its durability and affordable price. Modest ink is also a well known product for stamp pads. It is available in blue, red and black ink.

The “Posted”, “Paid” and “received” stamps are great for accountants and cashiers. Whereas “Confidential”, “original” and “approved” stamps are good for managerial level staff who handle sensitive documents.

At Cognition UAE you can find the full range of self inking stamps, stamp pads and stamp pad ink. Buy stamp pads online and delivery will be done in 1 day anywhere in the UAE.