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Sticky Notes & Paper Blocks

Sticky Notes & Paper Blocks

A post-it note, also known as sticky note, is a small piece of paper that has a strip of glue at the back, so you can stick it anywhere. It can be attached to documents or other plain surfaces. It can be used to make quick notes to assign tasks that need to be completed or can also be used as a decorative item. It can be easily attached or removed without leaving any residue.

Post it notes are available in different shapes, colour and adhesive strengths. These simple sticky notes can also be used creatively as art or craft work as it comes in so many different colours. You can also find page markers that help mark a certain page with a small note on it allowing you to go back to it when need be. It's a great way to organize your pages as it comes in a size that is half an inch which is just enough to write a small note.

On the other hand, A paper block is a plain piece of block paper on which you can write down notes, messages or can be used for doodling or small craft work. Unlike post it notes, paper blocks do not have a sticky strip. You can purchase paper blocks in loose form, it also comes in glued which can come in handy as a small notepad. Don’t forget to shop for a memo cube holder to hold the paper blocks. It is available in mesh and plastic form.

Another great creation is the “sign here” post it note that is created to show people the designated place to sign. It is normally used in banks and offices when important documents need to be signed by clients or employees. Also try the post it dry erase surface, which is like a portable whiteboard that can be cut to size.

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