Must Have Cleaning Supplies for your Home & Office!

Nowadays due to COVID-19, people are paying even more attention to cleaning & hygiene. Several businesses check the temperature of visitors; staff are provided with sanitisers and face masks. Dubai Municipality has also stepped up their inspections to commercial outlets to check their compliance with cleanliness and food safety norms.  

Are you constantly searching for cleaning products suppliers in Dubai UAE? Well before that, we need to make a list of cleaning supplies! 

Cleaning Supplies in Dubai  

A Vast number of products are required to keep your home clean & safe from germs.  

There are a number of multipurpose cleaning liquids and sprays that can be used everywhere. Some companies have come up with products specifically for a certain purpose. For example, Vanish Pink is to remove stains from White & Color clothes. Whereas, Vanish Whites is specifically to remove stains from White Clothes.  

The most essential cleaning supplies items for the home would be floor cleaning liquids, Broom, Mop, Tissue, Soaps & Sanitizers.  

An Easy approach to determine your cleaning product needs, would be to start with different sections of your house: 

  • Kitchen  
  • Bathroom 
  • Living Area 
  • Bedrooms 
  • Outdoor Area (Balcony or Garden Area) 

The above exercise seems like a lot of thinking right? Don’t worry! Please keep the below cleaning supplies list handy the next time you go shopping! 

Cleaning Supplies List for home 


Cleaning Items for Home 


Cleaning items for Office 

Cleaning products required for your office, shop or warehouse are a bit different. One key difference is Dispensers. Dispenser for Tissue, Soap, Sanitizers.  

Tip of the Day: Hand out “Hygiene Kits” to all staff which include gloves, face masks, sanitizer gel and more.  It contains 5 days' worth of supplies and we can all avoid touching the same face mask box and sanitizer bottle.  

Cleaning items list for Office  

Just to summarize the above list, you would need: 

  • Waste Disposal & Handling Products 
  • Insect & Pest Control Products 
  • Air Cleaning Products (Air Freshener & Air Purifier) 
  • Toilet Cleaning Products 
  • Floor Cleaning Tools & Liquids 
  • Janitorial Products 


Now you must be wondering who are the cleaning items suppliers in UAE and specifically in Dubai. We will answer some of your most frequently asked questions below. 



Question. Who are the cleaning items suppliers in Dubai UAE? 

Answer. Most people would think of their local minimart or supermarket. A lot of people make weekend trips to Hypermarkets which hosts a supermarket plus a number of other shops selling flowers, gifts, books, etc.  

Popular options are Union Supermarket, Baqer Mohebi & Spinneys.  

You can beat the heat & shop for cleaning products online at,, These websites offer huge discounts than the traditional shops. 

Question. How to find Cleaning Supplies Wholesaler in Dubai? 

Answer. A lot of us would start our search on google or via yellow pages by typing “cleaning supplies wholesale”. Wholesalers in UAE generally have high minimum order quantities and won’t accept small inquiries of a couple of pcs or 10-20 cartons. On top of that retailers mostly sell by pc or pack, hardly anyone sells by cartons, no wholesaler accepts small order values and quantities of 5-10 cartons. 

We recommend you to shop online. You can buy in bulk quantities & get the bulk price. Click here to visit our website

Question. Which Cleaning supplies is best? 

Answer. Customers in UAE generally prefer branded products like Harpic, DAC, Fine, Dettol. These branded products are good but come at a premium. Generally, the products that are available in UAE market are of good quality, but you still need to be careful.  

There are places like Dragon Mart in International City that offers great deals but the products won’t last long. On the other hand, there are brands like Chemex which are not so popular in the retail market but is a quality and affordable product.  

Try shopping with our website, they thoroughly do a quality check on every product and they have more than 800 items and counting! You won’t have to worry about quality nor price. 

Question. What are Office Cleaning Supplies Items? 

Answer. Office Cleaning Supplies items are essential to maintain a hygienic and clean working environment. Floor Disinfection Liquids, sanitizers, soap, mop and broom are some essential products. You can find a comprehensive list of items required for office cleaning at our blogs.

Usually, when you shop at a supermarket or in store, you need to pick 1 item at a time. Check the bundle. It has all the essential items and it can be purchased in just a minute. 

Question. What are Home Cleaning Supplies Items? 

Answer. Home Cleaning Supplies are items required to keep the home germ free and hygienic. Some examples include Toilet Cleaning Liquid, Disinfectant Sprays, Liquid Soap, Air Freshener & Garbage Bags.  

You can find a comprehensive list of items required for home cleaning in our website blog section.

Question. Cleaning Supplies for Bathroom? 

Answer. It is critical to keep the bathroom clean. The following products must be kept in the bathroom: Toilet Cleaning Liquid, Rim Blocks, Toilet Cleaning Brush.  

Toilet cleaning liquids like Harpic and Domestos keep the toilet clean. However, you should opt for a Rim Block that is to be hooked to the commode. Disinfection liquid gets released every time the commode is flushed. This is the best solution to maintaining hygiene 24x7.  

If purchasing for your office, do install a Toilet Seat Sanitizer Dispenser. Visitors can take a tissue, collect the sanitizer and clean the seat before using.  

Don’t forget the Toilet Tissue Roll! opt for 2 ply 400 sheets toilet tissue roll. It is of best quality and will last long. Fine Tissues are a very popular brand here in Dubai and known for its sterilized and quality products. 

Q Where can I get a Cleaning Supplies Bundle? 

Answer. Shopping can be tough! There are many things to purchase and almost all the time we forget couple of things. No one wants to forget the JIF or DAC and then run down to the grocery store in the heat!  

For your convenience, we have created bundles. Bundles are all the essential items that you would need for a specific purpose. Do check the bundle for office cleaning & hygiene. It should last you 10 days.