Best Art Supplies for Keeping Kids Engaged in Creative Pursuits

Kids love creative things. Be it origami and crafts or art work. At this stage of life, it is of utmost importance to encourage kids to do more drawing, painting and crafts. It helps in bringing out their creativity as well as keeps them engaged. In this pandemic, with so much dependence on technology, a little bit of art and craft is all the more necessary.  


Art becomes a medium of expression for kids. It helps them to maintain their productivity, improves their thinking and imaginative capacity and also increases their creative thinking. If kids are more interested in art and crafts, they can even pursue it as a full time career later in their lives.  


Hence, it is also important to provide kids with every kind of materials that they might require while pursuing art and craft. It is not necessary to provide them with everything, but a few basic things must be provided.  


  1. Painting supplies  

Painting supplies include acrylic colours, poster colours, palette, brushes, canvas, etc. These are required for painting. Kids must be encouraged to draw on the basis of their imagination or given any ideas to draw upon. There can also be activities such as collaborative painting or painting competitions to make them understand the meaning of sharing, cooperation and competitive nature.  


  1. Coloured art paper 

Coloured art paper can be used for doing origami or crafts. Hand made papers are also available for doing crafts. These are available in different colours and textures using which kids can learn and make new things.  


  1. Colour pencils and drawing pencils 

Coloured pencils are used for making drawings on paper and drawing pencils can be used for doing shadings. Small kids can be given coloured pencils before they start using poster colours. Coloured pencils can be given to toddlers with a colouring book as the first introduction to art.  


  1. Wax crayons  

Crayons are also imperative for kids to learn colouring. They can be given a colouring book in which they can start colouring using wax crayons.  


  1. Stencils  

Stencils can be used to make different shapes and illustrations. These can then be either painted or coloured by the kids. Stencils are useful for making different shapes.  


  1. Decorative and art items  

These are essentially small decorative items such as beads, glitters, sparkle pens, star shaped mirrors, etc. These can be easily pasted on paper or any craft materials and it enhances the look of the art material. These decorative items are also used for project work in school.  


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