A Guide for Maintaining Office Hygiene

After our houses, offices can be considered as our second homes. Each person working has to spend at least 8-9 hours in the office premises. Hence, it is essential to maintain office hygiene. A clean and hygienic office promotes wellbeing of the employees, ensures better concentration and a productive work space. While stationery and office products help in maintaining a productive work space, hygienic conditions ensure longevity.  


A clean working space creates a good impression on clients and adds to the charisma of the office. Office hygiene is not limited to good fragrance and professional cleaning staff. A lot of other things are imperative in order to keep your workplace hygienic. If you want to know how to maintain or rather improve your office hygiene, keep on reading this blog.  


Emptying of dustbins and garbage bins on a daily basis 

Most of the office garbage is thrown in dustbins and it is crucial to empty them daily. Otherwise the area around bins gives off foul odors and turns into breeding ground for germs. Cleaning staff must be encouraged and supervised to clean the garbage bins daily. It is good for the employees hygiene also.  


If you work at a warehouse, ensure your company signs an agreement with a pest control company. This is imperative if you deal in food items.  


Office premises must be well- ventilated 

The office premises must be kept well-ventilated. There should be installation of a proper exhaust system that can circulate fresh air. It should also be able to keep the air germ-free. If there is poor circulation of air, it can lead to penetration of germs leading to sickness of employees. Hence, a good ventilation system is very important.  


Consider installing an air purifier and dehumidifier in your workspace. Ensure that air freshener dispensers are installed throughout the office to create a pleasant work environment 


Encourage good hygiene practices  

Since employees form the basis of the office premises, it is crucial to encourage good hygiene practices by them. They must be encouraged to wash their hands, throw garbage in the bins only, not eat at their desks but in the canteen and maintain cleanliness in the office. Good habits and hygiene practices can be printed and hung at the office so that employees read them. They should be provided with solutions and wipes to clean their laptops, computers, keyboards, etc. Touchless hygiene systems can be installed such as soap dispensers, hand dryers, etc.  


Leave for sick employees 

At any cost, sick employees must never be allowed to come to the office. This is because these days, there is a high risk of fever, viruses and diseases spreading. Employees can work from their houses to avoid any kind of close contact with others.  


As a safety measure if a staff has just returned from visiting a high risk country (COVID wise), it is better they quarantine and work from home for a week before they return to office. 


Special protection again Covid-19  

Pandemic fear looms. The uncertainty is still there. Hence, it is all the more essential to pay attention to cleanliness to avoid spread of coronavirus. Proper hand sanitizer dispenser must be installed in the office premises at regular intervals. Masks can be provided to the employees. They must practice social distancing norms. There should also be proper tools available at the office to measure their body temperature. Rooms can be vacated for isolation measures if necessary. Offices must be sanitized during the weekends.  


You could provide your staff with hygiene kits, so that everyone is not touching the same box of masks and sanitizer dispenser. opt for keeping recycling bins at a central location in the office. 


Washroom Hygiene 


It is imperative that the washrooms are kept clean on a regular basis as this could be a place for infection to spread. opt to keep sanitary napkin bins in ladies washrooms, tissue dispensers & tissuesrim blocks & toilet cleaning liquids. 



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