Top Websites for Buying Wholesale Products in UAE

Wholesale prices are prices customers get when they buy bulk quantities from merchants. Traditionally, all bulk purchases are made in physical markets. UAE and in particular Dubai is renowned to be a one-stop-shop for buyers. Many products are readily available and in stock throughout the year making the UAE a popular wholesale buying destination.  

With the advent of COVID and the e-commerce boom, a lot of wholesale purchases are now being made from online websites. Buyers are switching to online shopping for bulk purchases due to multiple reasons: 

Convenience in terms of time saved.  

All Product details are listed online. 

Lower Costs – Buyers don’t have to travel anymore to China, UAE, or other countries to make purchases. Buyers save on traveling and lodging costs. 

Today, we will be reviewing the Top Websites for Buying Wholesale Products in UAE.  


WeMena is primarily a B2B (Business to Business) marketplace website where multiple sellers can list their products online and buyers can shop from their office without having to go out.  

Key points: 

  • 18 Product Categories (beauty, baby & kids, cleaning supplies, stationery and office supplies, food & beverages, and many more.) 
  • Buyers have to sign up for a free account to see wholesale prices. 
  • Buyers can submit an RFQ (Request for Quotation) and get quotations from multiple suppliers from around the world. 
  • Sellers can join the “RFQ Market” and see live “RFQ’s” relating to their expertise. 
  • For every item listed on the portal, there is a “Minimum Order Quantity”  
  • WeMena has an innovative program called “WeMENA teams” that allows small businesses to form “teams” and make group purchases from suppliers to get better prices.  
  • Buyers have to enter the quantity required for each item and request a quote. This process has to be done for each product. 


Tradeling - is a Dubai based online marketplace website.  

Key points: 

  • Tradeling claims to have 100,000+ products across 13 categories  
  • Some of the product categories are Beauty & personal care, Office & School Supplies, Pantry, health & wellness, etc. 
  • Support is provided for shipping, customs & insurance 
  • Buy now & Pay Later Scheme- Buy now and Pay after 60 days at 0% interest. It is interest-free with no deposit. There is a catch. As a buyer, the first 5 transactions will be free of charge; thereafter you pay a 1.5% transaction fee.  As a seller, the transaction fee is fixed at 3.5%. 
  • Buyers can view prices, submit RFQ’s and receive quotes 
  • Buyers/Sellers can register for free on the website 
  • Inspection & Certification services 
  • There is a minimum order quantity (1-5 cartons) and minimum order value (ranging from AED 100 to AED 500) for each supplier  
  • Products are mostly sold by the carton 
  • Shipping is free in UAE 
  • Delivery time ranges from 3-5 days 
  • Open to only B2B market 


Bismi is an online shopping website in UAE, servicing several emirates. 

Key Points: 

  • sells food, non-food (stationery, cleaning, disposables), healthy & beauty, frozen food & more 
  • All products are sold by Bismi, there are no international/national sellers 
  • Promising Wholesale Prices 
  • Promising Same Day Delivery 
  • The website is slow in loading  
  • Free shipping on orders over AED 100. If the order value is lower than AED 100, a delivery charge of AED 5 applies 
  • Buyers can shop by pc or carton 
  • The website is open to normal buyers and wholesale buyers (after registration) 
  • Limited Product range for some categories 


Sanadeeg is an online shopping website in Dubai, UAE primarily for the B2C (Business to Consumer) Market.  

Key Points:  

  • All products are sold directly by Sanadeeg. It is a single seller website.  
  • 11 Product Categories: Grocery, Organic & Health, Cleaning Supplies, Bath & Body, Pet-related products, etc. 
  • Accepts bulk enquiries from bulk purchasers 
  • AED 50 welcome discount 
  • They sell in bundle packs of (2-6 pcs) or big packing (5L+). For example: buy 3 pcs of Dettol 1 L Disinfectant and get a special price. Buy 2 x 750gm jars of Nutella and get a special price.  
  • They claim to offer a special bulk price if you buy in bulk packing from them  
  • AED 10 shipping charge irrespective of the order value 
  • Delivery across most of the UAE 



Carrefour is a big chain of supermarkets & hypermarkets in the UAE and across the Middle East & Africa. is the online shopping website for the UAE market.  

Key Points: 

  • Carrefour stocks branded and its own Carrefour brand products across a vast range of product categories.  
  • Product Categories: Consumer Electronics, Clothes, Supermarket items, Baby Products & more. 
  • Physical stores are usually very crowded. There are separate lines for shoppers with 10 or fewer items in their cart.  
  • allows a limited number of other sellers to list their products on its website 
  • Carrefour Now service – For selected items, they promise to deliver within 60 minutes. 
  • For companies, it’s Difficult to input your VAT TRN number on the invoice  
  • Most products are usually available in retail packing  
  • “Bulk Savings” Section- Buy big quantities and get a special price. As a minimum, you have to buy 4-6 pcs to unlock the special price. Sometimes the bulk product packing is larger.  
  • Bulk Savings is available on only 3 categories in Food- Dairy & frozen, beverage, food cupboard.  
  • Free Delivery for orders over AED 50 


Noon is a UAE based e-commerce company. It also services other markets in the Middle East primarily.  

Key Points:  

  • is a marketplace e-commerce website with thousands of sellers across a vast range of products.  
  • Products are mostly sold in retail packing-which is by pc or pack. Wholesale packing (cartons) is not available.  
  • Noon VIP Program – Paid membership program with the following benefits: 1% cashback on all orders, free next day delivery and no minimum order on noon daily, free next day delivery on noon express (selected) items 
  • Noon VIP Program – AED 33 for 3 months and AED 120 for 12 months membership 
  • Free shipping on orders of AED 100 for selected (noon express) items 
  • For normal orders – AED 10 shipping per seller. Therefore, if you have added items in your cart from multiple sellers, you pay AED 10 to each seller for shipping irrespective of your order value.  
  • Separate platform (Noon Daily) for supermarket items 


Cognition UAE is an e-commerce website dealing in office supplies, school supplies, pantry & cleaning supplies. It is a single seller website. 

Key Points:  

  • Cognition UAE is “providing Wholesale prices for ANY Quantity you buy (even 1 pc)” 
  • 800+ products across 4 categories and counting  
  • Customers have to sign up for a Membership to get access to Wholesale prices.  
  • Free Delivery within 2 days anywhere in Dubai 
  • The website is open to normal buyers and bulk purchasers 
  • They claim that customers can save “minimum AED 3000 annually” 
  • Buyers can see all product details, stock availability, carton packing and more online.  
  • Ability to pay via card, cash on delivery or bank transfer 
  • The low minimum order value of AED 130 
  • Paid membership plans start from AED 99. What’s best is that there is a Free Trial for THREE WEEKS with all the benefits! 
  • For B2B buyers, it is a one-stop-shop where there is 1x supplier, 1 x Tax Invoice, 1x payment, 1x consolidated delivery 
  • They are having a coupon code “WELCOME” for new members. The coupon code value is AED 20. 

Well, that rounds up the Top Websites for Buying Wholesale Products in UAE 

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