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Privacy, Data, Cookies Policy

  1. Cognition General Trading LLC respects the data and privacy rights of all its shoppers whether they are members or not. We do not sell nor provide any customer data to any third party.
  2. Cognition General Trading LLC does not store member card details on its servers, hence there is no risk of any card data being stolen. Every time a member or a non-member makes a purchase we ask them to enter their payment details.
  3. Cognition General Trading LLC has cookies on the site that help us understand customer behaviour better and accordingly market our products.
  4. Cognition General Trading LLC has the right to amend its privacy, data, cookies policy at any time without any prior notice.
  5. Member data is kept secure by restricting access to it within Cognition General Trading LLC.
  6. Newsletter subscription or offers alert is kept optional for guests/members. We do not send daily mails to customers but only essential order related updates.