Membership Benefits and Features

Price for 2 Months Individual Membership is AED 99* - Only AED 1.65/day!

Price for 2 Months Company Membership is AED 119* - Only AED 1.95/day!

Membership fee is subject to 5% UAE VAT.


If you are buying products for use in your house, choose “Individual Membership”

If you are buying products for use in your office, please choose “Company Membership”


  1. Able to purchase 800+ products.
  2. Access to new products added to pantry-cleaning-office-school supplies!
  3. Save a minimum of AED 1500/year!* Buy more and save even more!
  4. Whether Members want to buy 1 pc or 10 cartons, Members get access to exclusive Wholesale Prices for Hundreds of products.
  5. Delivery in 2 Business days anywhere in Dubai, UAE.
  6. When a Member shops with us they make a positive impact in the world. We support several social and environmental causes. A person could be getting food or an urgent medical surgery done thanks to our member’s continued support.
  7. Members can easily order all their supplies in a hassle free way online. There is convenience and lot of money saved.


Once logged into their account, Members can access the below features:

A) Past Order Invoices and Summary of their Total Spend till date including by month and by year.

B) Members have the ability to reorder a certain past invoice again and can also quickly order from their pre-selected favourite items.