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Fine Cleaning Products Online in UAE

FINE is famous for its hygiene and wellness products. The brand aims to make sure that their customers are the first people to touch and use their product. They stand by their ethics and morals and do not compromise on their products.

Their product line consists of fine tissues, fine toilet paper, sanitizers, hand towels, face masks and much more. The facial tissues are fresh, soft on the skin and 100% sterilized. The tissue boxes are designed with different fragrances too; namely vanilla lavender, silver oud and special Fine tissue made for cold and allergies with three ply paper. Fine tissues are blended by real cotton leaving no harm to the skin.

The company also has kitchen towels in 2 ply and 3 ply thickness and the length is usually 60 to 70 sheets. These towels are great for use in the kitchen and for cleaning up. Fine also has a range of face masks that include cloth masks and N95 masks. 

Fine has been awarded the sterilized brand of the decade and is recommended by the family hygiene institute. Cognition UAE are very proud to supply fine products. We are an online shopping website that stocks the full range of Fine Products at a reasonable rate. Products like Fine tissue boxes, fine toilet paper, fine kitchen towels and many more can be found on our website. Shop now and get delivery by tomorrow anywhere in the UAE!