Falcon Products Online in UAE

Have you ever been stuck because your Tupperware’s have been misplaced and now you don’t have anything to pack your lunch in? Or you have no place in your bag because your tiffin is too bulky?

Falcon Pack has just the right solution for you. Falcon Pack was established in 1992 and is the top manufacturer and distributor of disposable food packaging products. Its main headquarters is based in Sharjah UAE and have manufacturing and distributing facilities throughout the UAE with branches in Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as well.

Falcon Aluminium containers are top notch quality and come in several different shapes and sizes. It is made from aluminium foil and is highly eco-friendly. Falcon Aluminium containers are safe to use in ovens and are freezer friendly too. They are perfect for baking, cooking and storing food. Another very convenient way of wrapping and storing food is by using Falcon aluminium foil. The foil is super sturdy and is a great product to handle any of your food needs. It can be used to store food, cover baking surfaces or to wrap or pack food to prevent them from losing moisture while cooking. It comes in different sizes making it easy to pick and choose according to your needs. Falcon Sandwich bags are another great item to have if you are a regular sandwich consumer. It is very convenient to carry and is just the right size to fit in a sandwich or any light snack.

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