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Dettol Products Online in UAE

Dettol is a brand that is known worldwide for its cleaning supplies, disinfectants and antiseptic liquid. Dettol was introduced in the 1930s and is owned by a British company Reckitt. Dettol was introduced to doctors to disinfect medical supplies before delivering babies. It was used to kill bacteria and other viruses and help protect patients. 

Dettol products don't stop at only disinfecting medical supplies. They studied that hands, surfaces and clothes are also breeding ground for germs and can make people sick. They then found a reason to expand their production and find new formats to help protect people all over the world.

Dettol provided products for both personal hygiene and household disinfectants. Products like Dettol handwash liquid, Dettol hand sanitizers, Dettol bar soaps and Dettol antiseptic wipes are designed to safeguard our skin and provide 100 % better germ protection. All their personal hygiene products contain moisturizers that leave your skin soft and clean after every use. Household disinfectants include Dettol disinfectant spray, Dettol washing machine cleaner, Dettol kitchen and bathroom wipes, Dettol air freshener, Dettol laundry cleaners and many more. Dettol Handwash in particular is the number one product; it comes in 200 ml and 1000 ml packing. All these products help make life easier and healthier as results can be seen in just one use.

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