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DAC Cleaning Products Online in UAE

DAC is a disinfectant brand for household cleaning that thoroughly cleans all surfaces while leaving a wonderful fragrance. For 15 years the DAC brand has been well known in all GCC countries providing the finest and the best quality. The Dac brand offers a wide range of products such as disinfectants, toilet cleaners, hand and dish washing liquids and drain opening solutions. Their products are sold at reasonable prices making it available to every individual.

Dac disinfectants promise to remove 99.9% germs and bacteria from the floor, kitchen, toilet, or any surface that it has been used on. Its formula is developed to kill germs and bacteria leaving the area fresh, clean and germ free. Dac Disinfectants also help remove stubborn stains with ease. It comes in different fragrances such as lavender, lemon, floral, rose and pine. Dac toilet rim blocks are another great selling product by DAC. It comes in two fragrances: pine and lemon. DAC power active chlorine toilet rim set provides hygiene and freshness that lasts long. It keeps the toilet clean and fresh every time it is flushed. It leaves a pleasant fragrance for the next user.

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