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Ariel Detergent Powder Online in UAE

The age of new technology and innovations brought in the necessity for new products. In the 1960’s, washing machines were introduced to the world. This brought about easier methods of washing clothes however there weren’t enough detergents to keep the clothes looking clean and white. That’s when the P & G European Technology Centre got to work and introduced its 1st cloth care product– Ariel.

Ariel Detergent powder has aninnovative combination of an enzyme-based compound with encapsulated bleach keeping clothes healthy and white. With the high demand for the product, Ariel liquid detergent was introduced in the market. Ariel liquid detergent not only made the clothes look new but also removed stubborn grease stains from them. Ariel continued to study the market and grow with its demand. It then came up with a product that catered to all colour cloths - Ariel colour. This helped keep all kinds of clothes for women, men and children, clean and looking healthy and new.

CognitionUAE.com provides its customers the best and must have product. Shopping at CognitionUAE.com is very simple and customers can browse through more than 1000+ products across cleaning, pantry and stationery items. It is a convenient experience buying Ariel washing powder and all other cleaning essentials from one place at very reasonable prices!