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3M Stationery Product Online in UAE

A post it note is a small piece of paper with a strip of glue on its back made for temporarily attaching notes on other surfaces. A low tack pressure sensitive adhesive allows the note to be attached and detached without leaving any residue on the surface.

3M post it notes have helped people increase their productivity, communicate better and express themselves in a creative way. A brand that has been in the market for over forty years has always come to use for businesses, households and in the education sector. The most convenient ways to take notes, put down your thoughts, organize your day or even to make to-do lists. They come in different colours which help when one needs to differentiate their tasks or find folders faster or just to add colour to their task board. The 3M post it also comes in different sizes. That is great because now customers can choose to buy their post according to their convenience and needs. They come in different shapes as well which could be used as a decorative item while presenting or doing a task.

Some of the Popular post it 3M products are: sign here post it, 3 inch x 3 inch yellow post its and 3 inch x 3 inch multicolour. 

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