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Cling Film Wrap Online

Cling Film & Sandwich Bag

All food should be packed and preserved well for it to remain fresh and edible. A cling film is the product that will help do the trick. Cling film is made from low density polyethylene which is specially treated to make it stretch.

Cling film is advised not to be used where it will melt into products such as an oven, microwave or on vessels that are cooked on the hob. It can however be used as a technique while poaching an egg, presentation of food and for keeping food fresh.

PVC is a film type that is used and recommended by professional caterers as it has the best cling properties and is suitable for 95% of all food use. Depending on the size of the serving dish choose the width of the cling film 30 cm or 45 cm. Cling film is usually sold by kg so if you are a frequent user or a professional go for the 2 kg option it will last for 2-3 weeks.

Cling wrap and many other food preservation products like sandwich bags, aluminium foil and aluminium containers are available on Cognition UAE. Use the Coupon code “FREEDELIVERY” for free shipping on your orders above AED 150.

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