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Writing Instruments

Writing Instruments

Every office, school and household needs writing instruments such as pens, pencils, or markers to function normally.

There are many grades of pencils. HB pencils are the most popular ones for writing whereas 6B and 9B are used for drawing. The different grades of pencils are based on their darkness. The higher the number the greater the intensity.

You can buy writing instruments online at Cognition UAE. When it comes to pens- ballpoint pens and gel ink pens are available in blue, black, red and green colours! Quality and durable brands like Bic and Uniballare available!

On the other hand, Markers are available in two types, which are whiteboard markers and permanent markers. Permanent markers are to be used when you need it to last for long. Whiteboard markers are designed to be used on a white board and it can be wiped off easily with a duster. The markers come in different colours and quality brands like Deli,Pentel maxiflo and Faber Castel are available. Do check our range of whiteboards here.

Cognition UAE has hundreds of office and school stationery available to shop online 24 x7. The best part is that you can buy any quantity and get bulk prices! Automatically save 30% off on every purchase. Get delivery anywhere in the UAE within 24 hours and use code “WELCOME” for free shipping on your first order!* Contact us on [email protected] if you would like to purchase in bulk for your educational facility or office!

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