Filing Cabinet, Lockers & Storage Cupboard

Filing Cabinet, Lockers & Storage Cupboard

Every office, school and household needs a storage place to keep items safe. Lockers and cabinets help do the trick. Filing cabinets enables offices to organize their files in a systematic order so that it can be easily available when needed and keeps documents free from dust and other external dangers. Hanging files and Box files are most appropriate to use in cabinets.

These office file cabinets come in 2 drawer, 3 drawer and 4 drawer configurations. The 2 drawer cabinet can be kept under each staff desk. The 3 drawer and 4 drawer cabinets can be kept in the stationery room or printing room.

On the other hand, Lockers are needed if you are setting up gyms, schools, mailrooms, and employee housing areas. It is designed with higher room space to keep books, bags, clothes, and other valuable items. These come in 2 door and 3 door configurations, besides being available in multiple colours and being portable.

If you are looking for something bigger, opt for Storage cupboards. These storage cupboards come with 4 shelves and come with a lock and key to secure your belongings. These storage cupboards, lockers and filing cabinets are made of premium quality CRCA steel and have been imparted resistance by a layer of iron phosphate.

Small cupboards, lockers, storage cabinets and filing cabinets are available on Cognition UAE. All products are assembled so you can save on assembly charges and time spent figuring things out can be used more productively elsewhere. The best part is you can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Dubai. For bulk inquiries, contact us on [email protected]