Tapes & Tacks

Tapes & Tacks

There are various kinds of tapes that have a specific purpose. Cognition UAE has a variety of tapes that can come in use on a daily basis.

A double-sided tape is one that has a thin adhesive layer of stickiness on each side. It is normally used for holding, bonding, mounting, and packing. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly in nature. It works well with any smooth surface and is easy to cut.

A cello tape is a great product that can be used easily to stick, fix, seal, or correct any item. It can be used in offices, schools and even handcraft work. It is best and most easily used with the help of a tape dispenser. A tape dispenser allows you to cut tape at ease and it can hold tape that is not more than ¾ inches wide and 1500 inch long.

Packaging tape is suitable for sealing cartons and big packages as it is 2” wide and covers a wide area. On the other hand, masking tape is mainly used for holding, bundling, and sealing items. It is generally used by professionals for wall, furniture and automobile painting. 

Another great product to stick posters, sealing around windows & doors and keeping pictures straight are tacks. It is very easy to use as it must be pressed firmly on surfaces that need items to be stuck on and can be easily reused. Tacks are mostly used in schools, offices, and homes. It helps to stick up notices, charts, decorations and many such light weighted items.

You can find many such useful items and more on our website.