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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies
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    Dac Disinfectant Gold 1 L Lavender
    Special Price AED6.80 Regular Price AED11.00
  2. Sale
    Dac Disinfectant Gold 3L Lavender
    Special Price AED24.11 Regular Price AED27.70
  3. Sale
    Dac Disinfectant Gold Rose 1L
    Special Price AED6.80 Regular Price AED11.75
  4. Sale
    Dac Disinfectant Gold Rose 3L
    Special Price AED24.10 Regular Price AED26.00
  5. Sale
    Dettol Kitchen spray orange 500 ml
    Special Price AED10.24 Regular Price AED12.00
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    Cool and Cool Adult Wipes with Lid 40's
    Special Price AED12.38 Regular Price AED15.00
  7. Sale
    Cool and Cool Travelling Wipes 30's
    Special Price AED6.23 Regular Price AED6.99
  8. Sale
    Cool and Cool Max Fresh Refreshing Wipes 20's
    Special Price AED4.33 Regular Price AED5.00
  9. Sale
    Cool and Cool Disinfectant Wipes For Toilet Seat and Shataf 48/Pack
    Special Price AED16.77 Regular Price AED20.50
  10. Sale
    Cool and Cool Baby Wipes 84's Extra Large
    Special Price AED12.00 Regular Price AED12.75
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    Dettol Original Antibacterial Surface Disinfectant Liquid Trigger 500 ml
    Special Price AED12.89 Regular Price AED16.00
  12. Sale
    Cosmo Multi- Surface Disinfectant Spray 750ml
    Special Price AED9.53 Regular Price AED15.00
  13. Sale
    Ziva Antibacterial Multipurpose Wipes 80's
    Special Price AED7.50 Regular Price AED8.00
  14. Sale
    Cool & Cool Abaya Cleansing Wipes 15 cm x 18 cm 12 pcs Pack
    Special Price AED6.47 Regular Price AED15.00
  15. Sale
    Chemex Disinfectant 5 Liter - Lavender
    Special Price AED15.59 Regular Price AED20.00
  16. Sale
    Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 550ml
    Special Price AED12.28 Regular Price AED15.00
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27 Items

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