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BIC Stationery Products Online in UAE

One of the best sellers for pens and office supplies at Cognition UAE is BIC. The smooth hand movement with BIC ballpoint pens and the ability to write up to 3 km with steady grip has increased its demand in the market. The quality of the ink and smooth writing tips has wowed our consumers making it the No.1 selling pen here at CognitionUAE.

Bic is a manufacturing corporation based in Clichy, France. Founded in 1944 by Marcel and Édouard Buffard. Bic was a business set up made to create writing instrument parts but with an ongoing demand and high growing customer loyalty; Bic corporation decided to expand their product line and introduced more disposable consumer products such as razors and lighters.

BiC has managed to take over the stationery industry by creating different categories of pen tips such as BIC fine point pens, bold point pens,4 colour ball pens (green, black ,blue and red) and even pens that are made of 75% recyclable plastic. Other than BIC ballpoint pens they also created other styles of pens such as gel pens, fine liner pens and roller pens which gave their consumers a variety of choices to suit their preferences.

BIC is now a world leader in stationery, lighters, shavers and promotional products and is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. BIC continues to deliver high – quality, simple, inventive and reliable choices for its consumers all over the world. At CognitionUAE.com we provide prices up to 30% cheaper than retail stores making the product more affordable and accessible to all consumers.