Tips on How to Save when Buying School Supplies in the UAE

Buying school supplies for children is like the most exciting time for them. With the global pandemic and shutting down of schools, children now look forward to new stationery and heading back to school more than ever more. As parents, buying the best products is the main priority. It is best if school supplies can be purchased from school stationery wholesalers. This way you can easily save and get quality products.  


5 tips to save for buying school supplies 

Let us look at 5 tips to save while buying school supplies in the UAE.  


Make a budget and prioritise 

If you want to save, you need to make a budget and buy school supplies accordingly. This way you can first look through whatever you have at home and then decide what you really need. There are stationery checklists that schools provide. You can make good use of that and avoid buying anything unnecessary.  


Shop during sale period  

Another great way to save on school supplies is to buy from stores during sale periods. Back to school sale periods are also a good time to buy. The only thing is to pay attention to the period when stores give sale offers. From 50% to 80%, a lot of discounts are given during the sale period. Now that schools are reopening, back-to-school sales are happening all over Dubai.  


Shop during off- season 

Stock up on school supplies during the school break and during “off-season” where prices tend to be lower. Shop early on and you don’t have to deal with the crowds during the back to school rush.  

Make use of online shopping  

These days there are tons of sites online where you can save a lot. You can easily choose and buy supplies in bulk. You get wholesale prices if you buy in bulk. There is no hassle of going to shops physically and the delivery will be right to your doorstep. Make sure to read the reviews of the products that you buy.  

Use offers, promo codes and referrals  

There are benefits of using online shopping sites as they have many offers, referrals and promo codes. If you are buying for the first time, you get a welcome coupon code that grants you some percentage off. Similarly if you refer a friend to buy from that website, you can earn some referral points that will again give you a discount. Hence, using online shopping sites gives you much more advantage than offline stores.  


Buy in bulk  

Often shops provide offers on bulk shopping. Usually people buy items according to what is required at that moment. But it is better to buy in bulk if you want to save on your money. Instead of buying 1 notebook, buy 10 notebooks. This way you can skip frequent visits to the shop and save on a lot of money.  


Best Online Wholesaler in UAE  

Online shopping of school supplies is not only cost effective but it is also hassle free. A number of websites such as Amazon, Noon, CognitionUAE have online school supplies. But Cognition UAE gives you the benefit of buying any product at wholesale prices. Whether you buy one notebook or 10 notebooks, you will enjoy wholesale prices. There is also free and fast delivery to your doorstep so you don't have to worry about anything. With wholesale prices, you can save a lot while buying school supplies.  


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