The Best Office Supplies for Working Remotely

COVID has created an unprecedented situation of lockdowns, people are stranded in different countries, business and supply chains have been disrupted.  

To limit the spread of COVID, many companies have asked their staff to work from home. This has created issues as our homes do not have the necessary items needed to do office work.  

We have created a comprehensive list of the best office supplies for working remotely. 

1) IT Equipment & Software 

Everyone will need a laptop and a printer/scanner machine. Support equipment like a cordless mouse, laptop stand/computer table, headphones and a WiFi connection are equally important.  

Some of the essential software is Zoom (for video/voice calls) and Teams. If your line of work requires heavy computing power like graphic design or game design, we recommend you get a PC computer with an Internet cable to ensure an uninterrupted flow of work.  

2) External Hard Drive & Flash Drive 

Several companies have implemented a schedule where staff report to the office 3 days a week and the balance days they work from home. In such situations, it’s important to keep a portable external hard drive or flash drive handy.  

3) Adaptors & Extension Cord 

Nowadays, a lot of people use multiple phones and laptops for work. Getting a 5-way extension cord and several adaptors (3 pins) would ensure that all your devices can get plugged into the socket and get charged.  

Ensure you purchase only ESMA certified electrical products. 

4) Furniture & Support Equipment 

It’s important to invest in the right chair and desk so your back does not suffer. Don’t go for mesh chairs as the backrest is usually thin. Pick a chair that provides strong back support and a headrest.  

As for the desk, it should be sturdy and have enough legroom when you are sitting close. Ensure that your desk comes with storage drawers. If not opt for a separate 3 or 4 drawer cabinet that can fit under your desk. This will ensure that your documents are securely stored.  

Shredder- There are many cost-effective shredders available in the market. This is to ensure your confidential documents are securely put away when not required. 

5) Anti-Virus Software and Firewall 

As per Kaspersky, UAE saw almost 70,000 cyberattacks on smartphones in 2020. It is very essential to install anti-virus software on your office mobile and office laptop. Usually, company WiFi networks are secure and have a firewall installed to thwart cyberattacks. On the other hand, home WiFI is not that secure, it is important to install a firewall device to keep your data secure. 

6) Office Supplies 

To effectively function, ensure an adequate quantity of writing instruments, paper, notebooks, post-It and files are handy.  

Some key desk essentials: 

Stapler, Staple Remover, Highlighter 

Document Tray, Clips, Pins 

Paper Block, Eraser, Sharpener, Pens 

7) IT Consumables 

When purchasing the printer, check the price for the related toner/cartridge. Usually, manufacturers sell the machine cheap and the consumables are expensive.  

No one wants to run out of cartridge ink when an important document needs to be printed. We recommend purchasing 3 pcs of the cartridge and keep in stock.  

8) Telephone Line 

Communication is essential for any business to function effectively. You are working from home but still need to communicate with clients, suppliers and management. Some key points to consider: 

Will you provide your home landline number to business contacts? 

Will you provide your personal mobile number to clients & suppliers? 

We recommend opting for a dual sim mobile phone and taking a separate sim for work purposes. This should streamline your communication. 

Now, that you have the list of items required to work remotely, you must be wondering who are office items suppliers or must have started looking for an online wholesaler in UAE 

We have compiled a list for you: 

Office item suppliers 

  1. Al Gurg Stationery 
  2. Al Masam Stationery 
  3. Farook Stationery 
  4. Altimus office supplies 
  5. Sharaf DG 

Online Wholesaler in UAE for all work from essentials: 

We recommend shopping online due to the high temperature outside and the convenience of online shopping 

That wraps up our guide on the top office supplies for working remotely. If you would like us to write more about this topic or have any questions, comment below. 

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