List of Top 5 Bathroom Cleaning Products To Buy Online

As a busy person, you may find it difficult or even impossible to clean your home. Nevertheless, a clean house does not only help you save time in the future but also improves general quality of life. When it comes to the upkeep of your home, all of these small details are going to be important. For the same reason, selecting suitable home care products is also crucial.

Perhaps, one of the best ways to maintain a clean home is by keeping bathrooms and toilets neat. They are also essential for personal hygiene, and they contribute to the general look of your premises. But how?

Importance of Cleaning Bathrooms

Cleaning a toilet is always the last thing they want to do themselves. But it is an integral part of the house that should always be maintained clean and neat. This blog will discuss some of the main advantages associated with a clean bathroom in every home today.

It does not matter that you do not see or smell anything bad, but the understanding should be implemented: there are millions of bacteria in your bathroom 24 hours a day. The drop on the basin, bathtub, floors, and walls. This is the reason why you have to keep it clean always.

Let’s proceed to the advantages of a clean bathroom.

Remove the bad smell

It can get quite stinky in your bathroom if you don’t clean it. By cleaning the area surrounding the sink, toilet, and floor frequently you will thus preserve your bath remaining freshly pleasant.

Get rid of bacteria 

Bacteria grow best in bathrooms. Since there is always humidity, it provides a favorable setting for bacteria growth.

Bacteria will get everywhere. To remove all harmful bacteria, ensure that you employ an effective disinfectant.

Do not let the mold grow inside 

But if you don’t clean it well, soon bathroom mold will show up.

The longer you wait to take care of it, the harder a task becomes in retrospect. It will make things a lot easier for him by providing regular cleaning.

Additional benefits 

If you have visitors, a clean bathroom is also essential. With proper and consistent cleaning, you will have a clean tidy bathroom welcoming any guests who may come over.

The best bathroom cleaning products that you should purchase

1. Harpic Liquid

Harpic cleaning liquid is a powerful bathroom disinfectant and cleaning agent that helps to remove hard stains. It leaves you with an unrivaled clean on greasy soil and particulate matter and freshening the whole bathroom in it. It is a thick liquid formulation with high-quality cleanser ingredients that lift and remove stubborn stains from almost all bathroom surfaces while killing bacteria to leave you with an immaculate germ-free washroom.

What is the process to clean the bathroom with Harpic?

To clean floor tiles with Harpic liquid, you’ll need to dilute the product, by following these simple instructions.

Mix 1.5 capfuls of Harpic liquid in half a bucket of water.

Sweep the floor as normal, scour lightly, and then rinse off.

Get rid of tough stains 

When dealing with challenging stains in or out of the sink, it is recommended that you use pure Harpic liquid cleaner for optimal performance. To do so, simply:

Harpic liquid should be applied to the stained area

Clean the stain gently with a sponge

Rinse the area.

2. Glass Cleaner

Specialty household cleaning products are glass cleaners used to wash and polish glasses. Glass cleansers contain spray and wipe solvents suitable for application on a wide range of surfaces, including glass, laminates, dashboards, appliances, or paint. The core principle of a glass cleaner is that it loosens and dissolves oily stains from the surface of glasses so that they dry fast without leaving streaks. Today, multi-surface glass cleaners are readily available in the market and can be used to polish and dust a number of surfaces.

Cutting through the toughest grease, grime, and stains such as grease, dirt oil coffee, and juice stains adhesives among others is what glass cleaners’ are famous for. These cleaners are therefore founded on a concentrated mixture of surfactants that attach to water softeners used in cleaning all washable surfaces. 

How to use glass cleaner?

General Glass Cleaning- For regular glass cleaning use, a mild alcohol or ammonia spray cleaner.

If it is necessary to disinfect, use a product with alkyl ammonium chloride that kills microorganisms.

Grease Removal – occasionally, such as in the case of grease fingerprints or other oily deposits on glass surfaces you are cleaning. In such a situation, use an intense de-greasing cleanser with butoxyethanol. Using a scrub pad, apply this glass cleaner. Eventually, you can apply your usual cleaner to remove any streaks left by the degreaser.

3. Buy Air Freshener

There is a lot of discussion on the importance of bathroom fresheners. The fact is that they are very much required and if all these are not used, the house can carry bad odor. Even under all those proper conditions if you maintain your bathroom thoroughly, and there is no smell remaining around. There are two main bathroom fresheners. The light one only covers the foul mood and is used much more often. The other is the cruel variety which guarantees that all foul smells have been removed. There are other benefits that these bathroom fresheners can offer you as well.

Smells nice 

Smelly bathrooms are unattractive but in reality, smells do manifest themselves from time to time. However, in a public toilet or shared office toilet, the lavatory is used more often and hence the potential of having odors is increased. With the help of an air freshener, these odors are eliminated to keep the bathroom fresh and clean all the time.

Create a lasting experience 

The bathroom can also be part of the positive experience for your readers, staff members, or clients. It may seem ridiculous because your clients do not come to visit you only for the lavatories and a smelly or dirty washroom will definitely create an unfavorable impression.

Using an automatic air freshener will preemptively ensure that your bathroom smells nice and that customers and clients recall you in a positive manner.


From washroom accessories, an automatic air freshener is one of the most maintenance-free. Unlike a spray bottle to is refilled according to the number of people who pressed it (and how many times), an automatic air freshener actively and periodically dispenses fragrance in order not to let too much or useless perfume smell. They can be installed easily and will last up to seven days before they need replenishing.

4. Plunger

The plunger – the universal symbol of a blocked toilet from all around the world - can unclog pipes and thus make them run more effectively. It does not have a discrete inventor, and it has been in use for more than two hundred years. The implication here is that the design may be rather simple, as most ingenious inventions are.

 When you insert a plunger into your drain, depressing the latter pushes air down it and creates an element of pressure against whatever is obstructing it. The act of pulling the plunger up will also suck that air back and create a vacuum for it to function, which helps in loosening the clog so you can continue.

Although a plunger is an appropriate tool for addressing many toilet clogs, it may also be suitable for other drains in the house. Sinks, showers …plung your tub and you have a solution to the issue.

At what point should you use a plunger? In case you suspect that a clog is responsible for your problem. Not only will it possibly save you from much more expensive repairs but also eliminates the need for a plumber’s visit. The plunger is an effective first step before bringing in a professional who will have to check the situation.

5. Cleaning Gloves

Wearing gloves will enable you to establish a firm protection wall between your hands and the dirt that touches them, whether in even kitchens or bathroom restrooms. This is very essential for preventing your health from contamination of any kind on open skin through cuts and sores.

Maintaining proper bathroom hygiene is essential for several reasons:

Stay healthy 

The primary function of bathrooms is personal cleansing or clean interaction with our bodies. However, unless cleaned properly they are likely to cause a lot of infections and diseases. By wearing gloves, additional protection is provided preventing skin contact with more toxic compounds.

Prevent any contamination harm 

Most of the time, cleaning a bathroom involves dealing with different cleaners and tools. If you do not use gloves, there is the danger of moving germs and contaminants from one surface to another, unknowingly causing cross-contamination.

Stay away from harmful chemicals 

Several products used for cleaning bathrooms are formulated with chemicals that may lead to skin irritation or poisoning. Gloves work like a barrier, protecting your hands from chemical contact. 


Bathroom cleaning is an integral activity to perform with having the right cleaning products and accessories. As per the above-mentioned list, buy high-quality products online at in the UAE region to stay clean and healthy.