List of Top 10 Stationery Items for Schools

Stationery items are a necessary part of every student's existence. Such tools were invented by our forebears so that they could teach us this knowledge more easily with the help of these stationery implements. Technology has given those stationery items a more modern makeover.

Stationery is a necessary and unavoidable aspect of students 'lives. There are lots of stationery objects that students will use for study in school and at home. Few students, however, know their everyday stationery items well enough. Here read how stationery items are important tools for students and their development over the past few decades.

The use of stationery products for school students

Learning requires stationery for the pen and ink, otherwise, students won't be able to write down notes, draw, or take tests.

Stationery is necessary to do school projects, assignments

This is a basic necessity for any student learning art and crafts; without it, their creativity will be limited.

Important Stationery Items for Schools

  1. Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is an amazing communication tool to stimulate a learning environment. It is a big, easy-to-use board designed to stimulate sight and sound senses in order for users to participate quickly.

In schools, the whiteboard is superior to blackboards because of its material comparitives. Its advanced technology coupled with impressive functionality has been raising its ranking among educators. There are many reasons for its popularity and widespread use in so many institutes. What are the advantages of interactive whiteboards in primary classrooms?

  • Whiteboards visualize complex ideas
  • The students feel enabled to present before their classmates.
  • Teachers can solve problems on the spot.
  • The white surfaces are light and engaging.
  • They make an ideal background for projected pictures

  1. Whiteboard Marker

Whiteboard markers are particularly good for writing on whiteboards, specially coated boards, and smooth surfaces. The quality pens in our selection do not rub off, are easy to erase, and can be seen clearly from quite a distance. Markers for use with whiteboards are especially helpful in lectures and presentations but also come into their own during brainstorming sessions at schools. These useful tools will have you ready for everyday learning 

At a glance, the benefits of whiteboard makers

  • Markers can be used to make last-minute changes, additions, or corrections at any time.
  • They are also suitable for writing on other glossy surfaces (such as glass, porcelain, overhead transparencies and so
  • And the markers are refillable at any time.

  1. White Eraser/Duster

If you've just bought a whiteboard or simply want some helpful accessories for your learning place, then it pays to get yourself a cleaner. It is very convenient to erase indelible marks on newly bought whiteboards with the help of any old dry-erase marker, but after being used for a while stubborn stains dot all corners.

When the school whiteboard is used to display important information, in some cases it's rarely updated at all. The outcome is that those long-lasting whiteboard marks are not so easily removed. So the logical choice is to buy a whiteboard duster or eraser.

Key benefits:

  • Great for getting stubborn stains
  • Helps maintain board in good condition
  • Helps boards to last longer
  • Very versatile

  1. Notebooks

Today's smartphones can do almost anything. The right set of apps can make your whole life fit on a single digital device. However, with its notifications constantly pinging you and pop-ups flying at you from all directions it is almost impossible to stay focused when using your phone.

Therefore many people find it handy to trade in their phones and use a real, physical paper notebook.

Writing things down with pen and paper is still the most effective way to engrave information into our memories. Besides that, physical notebooks will help you become more productive and creative too.

There are many advantages to maintaining a notebook, but here we list our five favorite reasons why you should use pencil and paper.

  • It helps improve your memory
  • That disconnects you from digital devices
  • It turns your thoughts into actions
  • It holds you accountable

  1. Pens

There are pens of various shapes, sizes, and prices. Moreover, their writing styles also vary a lot. By choosing high-quality writing tools, working and taking notes will be more effective. It is also possible to draw a nicer piece of artwork or keep a beautiful journal. To choose the ideal writing instrument you have to look at several factors.

Secondly, determine whether you make long writing stints or just jot notes in quick spurts throughout the day.

Check out various pens like these

  • Ballpoint pens
  • Gel pens
  • Fountain pens
  • Marker pens

  1. Pencils

Pencils are the basic unit of school writing. Every child is taught at an early age how to write and read letters. Globally school supply lists always include pencils. For kids, being able to enter the classroom with a new backpack overflowing with supplies helps them stay on course. This is so vital to setting the tone for the whole year.

  1. Erasers

Erasers are a school stationery supply that can be used to remove pencil marks from paper. They are rubbery in feel, with a granulated shell on the outside. There is no fixed size or shape and they may be of any colour. If you’re drawing or writing with a pencil and make a mistake, erasers are very helpful for correcting errors. If your pencil already has an eraser at the top, it’s particularly convenient; there won't be any need to search for one in a panic.

  1. Binder Clips

Binder clips are good for holding paper together, binder clips and paper clips each have their separate advantages. Here are some potential benefits of using binder clips on desks instead of regular paper clips:

  • Holding larger amounts of paper: A binder clip can hold more paper than a single ordinary one. It can be convenient if you need to clasp together a thick pile of papers or an envelope.
  • Easier to remove and reuse: Binder clips are easier to remove and reuse than paper clips. Paperclips are more difficult to open up, and can also damage paper if used too much.
  • Durability: Binder clips are stronger than paper clips. They are made of metal and can stand up to repeated use without losing shape or grip strength. Paper clips by comparison bend over time and lose their hold eventually.

  1. Scissors

Choosing a pair of scissors is very personal. Such tools become extensions of your hands, and it is essential that they fit you as well as fit for purpose. Otherwise what comes out may not even be up to speed (or near top-notch).

Scissors may vary greatly in quality. A shopper needs to set aside all the glitter and focus on metal, cutting performance, and handling characteristics.

Do take care of the scissors qualities as follows:

  • Comfortable to handle
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality grip
  • Not-so-keen blade for students
  • Having offset handles

10. Glue & Tapes

The success of your project depends on choosing the right kind of adhesive tape or glue. When selecting an adhesive tape, you should consider factors such as the surface upon which it will be applied, the environment in which it must be performed, and holding requirements.

What glue and tapes to buy for school students?

  • The kind of tape or glue you use
  • Durability factor
  • Bonding strength


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