Can Office Supplies Create Productive & Focused Workplaces?

A good workplace leads to better efficiency. Office supplies, furniture, and decor can enhance a workplace.   


This pandemic has highlighted that one of the most challenging things is losing focus and concentration. From doing daily chores to doing work from home, this is a common attribute. What makes a workplace more productive and focused? It is the office supplies.   


Research enumerates that good workplaces can increase productivity by 16%. But does this mean that you clutter your workplace with all the office supplies out there? The answer to that is no! Every person wants a classic makeover, and you must choose those supplies that are essential for you.   


Why does your workplace need office supplies?   


In these trying times, the focus should be on creating a workplace with all the essentials and few decorative items. For this, we will provide a list of office supplies that you can purchase.   

  • If your workplace is cluttered, you will not be able to focus. Similarly, if there is nothing decorative, it becomes too boring to work there.   
  • Apart from these, a well-ventilated room and natural light can enhance your workplace. All these lead to better efficiency and productivity.   
  • Since you spend 7-8 hours a day in your workplace, investing in good office supplies is essential.   
  • You can add a touch of greenery by investing in plants. All your gadgets must be organized, and all your papers must have a designated place.   
  • You can buy from office item suppliers or buy from online wholesalers in the UAE. These days a lot of options are there at online marketplaces.   


Office Supplies for a Productive workplace  


Here is the extensive list of items that you can purchase for your workplace.  

  • Staplers, scissors, punch machine 
  • Pencils, pens, and stationery  
  • Desk organizer  
  • Calculators   
  • Calendars   
  • Highlighters  
  • Stamps (paid, received, original) 
  • Clip Boards  
  • Adaptors and Extension cords 
  • Sticky notes   
  • Notepad  
  • Diaries and notebooks  
  • Stickers and labels  
  • Wall clocks  
  • Whiteboard and markers   


You can even buy the below office supplies that are useful for your day-to-day use.   

  • Printers  
  • Scanner  
  • Ink cartridge  
  • Projectors  
  • Labeling machine and supplies   
  • Cardholders  
  • Cash box  
  • Cash Counting machine 
  • Binders   
  • Clear bags    
  • Flash and hard drive  
  • Cabinets and lockers   


Apart from these some other items such as office chairs, desks and fans are essential. These can be purchased in different colors to enhance the beauty of the workplace.   


Where to buy office supplies from?   


It is essential to buy office supplies from wholesalers to avail of budget-friendly products. Initially, wholesalers were found physically in the UAE. But now, owing to the pandemic, a lot of options are available on online marketplaces. You can even use online e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Noon, etc., to buy office supplies.   


Cognition UAE has a whole section dedicated to office supplies. We offer wholesale prices for any quantity of product that you buy. We have IT cartridges & toners, desk essentials such as pens; wall clocks, sticky notes, note pads, etc. We also have writing instruments, office essentials, and filing accessories. We deliver all across the UAE with a minimum order of just AED 10.   


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