A Complete guide on how you can buy Pantry Supplies in Dubai

A Pantry is a room where beverages, food and sometimes dishes, household cleaning chemicals and provisions are stored. 

In households, the pantry is either a separate storage room or cabinets are used to store the provisions. 

Some of the most common items in a Household pantry are: 

  • Beverages: Tea, Coffee, Juices, Milk 
  • Snacks: Chips, Biscuits, Chocolates, Cookies, Dates 
  • Cereal 
  • Aluminium Foil/Containers & Cling Film 
  • Household Cleaning items  
  • Baking Supplies (Due to COVID, a lot of people have become master chefs at home learning how to bake their favourite sweets!) 

When it comes to offices, there is usually a separate room assigned as the “office pantry”. An office pantry is an essential place for employees to connect with each other, form stronger bonds, refuel and rest for a while. 

Some of the most common items in an Office pantry are: 

  • Tea, Coffee, Water, Sugar and Kettle 
  • Microwave (It’s better to get 2 units for the vegetarian and non-vegetarians) 
  • Disposable Products (Plates, Spoons, Forks, Knives, Bowls, Tea Spoon) 
  • Coffee Machine 
  • Tissues & Napkins 
  • Dates 
  • Snacks for Office events (Chips, Soft Drinks, Biscuits) 

We have prepared a comprehensive Pantry Supplies List for your Home & Office!  


Pantry Item List for Office: 

  • Beverages: Tea Bag (Black & Green Tea), Coffee, Still Water, Soft Drinks 
  • Creamer, Sugar & Sweeteners 
  • Evaporated Milk & Long-Life Milk 
  • Kettle & Coffee Machine 
  • Fridge (Medium Size) 
  • Microwave (s) 
  • Cling Film 
  • Tissues & Napkins 
  • Cereal 
  • Single-Use Disposable items (Cups, Plates, Cutlery, Tea Spoon, Stirrer, Toothpicks, Straws) 
  • Dates  
  • Snack foods for office events: Biscuits, Chips, Cookies 
  • Mugs, Coasters & Serving Tray  
  • Tables & Chairs 
  • Tea & Coffee Vending Machine 
  • Water Dispenser & Plastic Cups 
  • Juice 
  • Salt & Pepper Sachets 
  • Kitchen Tissue Roll 
  • Sponge Cloth, Dish Cleaner Liquid, Multipurpose cleaner liquid, Dish Sponge 
  • Air Fresheners 
  • Waste Bin 
  • Liquid Soap 
  • Broom & Mop 

Pantry Item List for Home: 

  • Beverages: Tea, Coffee, Water, Milk, Soft Drinks 
  • Creamer, Sugar & Sweeteners 
  • Kettle & Coffee Machine 
  • Aluminium foil & Aluminum container 
  • Cling Film, Sandwich Bag 
  • Sufra Roll (Disposable Table Cover roll) 
  • Tissues & Napkins 
  • Cereal  
  • Dates, Honey & Dry Fruits 
  • Snack foods: Biscuits, Chips, Cookies, Snack bars 
  • Mugs, Coasters & Serving Tray  
  • Baking Supplies (Baking Pan, Baking Sheet, Mittens) 
  • Cake/Brownie Mix 

Now that you have the shopping list, you must have started thinking about who are the pantry suppliers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and how to buy from them.  

Let’s start with how to buy pantry items

  • Buy from a physical store: All these items are typically found in Supermarkets, Electronics Shops and Specialty stores. Popular supermarkets are: Union Supermarket, Baqer Mohebi & Carrefour. Sharaf DG, Jumbo & Emax are popular electronics shops to buy white goods like fridges/microwaves. 
  • If you are really fond of any particular pantry item, you should visit a speciality store that focuses exclusively on that item. Bateel is a good shop to purchase dates, stores like Jashanmal stock high end appliances and the electronics market in Deira is a good place to get deals on white goods. 
  • Purchase during Sales. Typically, you can great deals on kettles, coffee machines and white goods on Cyber Monday, Gitex Week, Amazon Prime Day and Eid. 
  • Online. Yes, you can purchase pantry supplies online! Try Sanadeeg.com, Choithrams.com & CognitionUAE.com 
  • Buy in Wholesale Quantities. There are dedicated pantry items suppliers in UAE that can supply products on a contract or Purchase Order basis to offices and commercial outlets. 

If you are purchasing for your office, you must be wondering who are Pantry items wholesale suppliers. You can purchase in wholesale from dedicated pantry supplies companies and online. 

Pantry Items Wholesale Suppliers  

These are companies, you would need to call and request for a quote. They supply only to offices and commercial outlets- 

Julnar Trading  

Golden Grains Trading  

Equinox Global Trading  

Online Pantry Supplier in UAE 

If you are looking for the convenience of purchasing pantry items online, we recommend checking the below websites. Shopping for pantry supplies online is a better alternative than going out in the heat and usually, all product details/pricing is visible on the supplier’s websites.   

  • WeMena.com 
  • CognitionUAE.com (sells retail/bulk quantity to households and businesses) 
  • Foodstuffdistribution.com 
  • Altimus Office Supplies 
  • Tradeling.com 


Question. Where to buy pantry supplies items in Dubai?  

Answer. It depends if you are buying for your home or office. There are pantry items suppliers in Dubai that supply only to offices for example Julnar Trading, Tradeling.com, WeMena.com, Equinox Global Trading. 

If buying for your home, try Supermarkets (Union Supermarket, Choithrams, Baqer Mohebi) or buy online Kibsons.com, CognitionUAE.com, Sanadeeg.com 


Question. How to find Pantry Wholesaler? 

Answer. You can start your search with yellowpages-uae.com or uaeyellowpagesonline.com. A lot of supplier's names will show up.  If you prefer to shop online rather than call for quotes, check Tradeling.com, CognitionUAE.com & WeMena.com 


Question. Where to buy Pantry Items for Home? 

Answer. Pantry items for Home can be bought from Supermarkets (Union Supermarket, Choithrams, Baqer Mohebi) or buy online Kibsons.com, CognitionUAE.com, Sanadeeg.com 


Question. Where to buy Office Pantry Supplies in Dubai? 

Answer. There are pantry items suppliers in Dubai that supply only to offices for example: Julnar Trading, Tradeling.com, WeMena.com, Equinox Global Trading. It is better to shop from a company that will issue you a Tax Invoice and include your company name and VAT TRN number on the bills. This way you can claim VAT on all your purchases.  

You can also try shopping from CognitionUAE.com that sells retail/bulk quantities to individuals and companies! 


Question. Pantry items for the office? 

Answer. You can find a comprehensive list of pantry items for office at: https://cognitionuae.com/blog/ 

That wraps up our guide on how to buy pantry supplies in Dubai. If you would like us to write more about this topic or have any questions, comment below. 

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